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When it comes to getting rid of your smartphone, iPhone users are more likely, and that’s good news!

The iPhone user is more likely to get rid of his or her phone than the Android user. If you want to know why that’s not a bad thing, read on.

The iPhone 13 will be released in the near future. A new study predicts that the iPhone will be traded in at a higher rate than Android cellphones before the launch. Most Apple trade-ins are spent on upgrades, according to the data.

There is a trend among iPhone users to get rid of their devices.

Obviously, it isn’t because they don’t care for smartphones. Nevertheless, they want the newest version. It turns out that if you trade in your Apple gadget, you can still get a decent amount of money. Customers who acquired a new or used iPhone in the 12-month period ending in June sold or exchanged their old model, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). 30% of the iPhones were exchanged, while little over 5% of the iPhones were sold.

For comparison, about 5 percent of users of Android smartphones who sold their hardware during the same period did the same. While a little over ten percent of those who had it traded it in.

This is an excellent deal.

Apple’s iPhones are and will continue to be incredibly popular, and their value will also continue to rise. It is also worth noting that Apple has a successful “trade-in programme”. As part of Apple’s popular iPhone Upgrade Program, iPhone upgrades are available to all users. For a monthly charge, clients can receive a new iPhone every year. iPhone customers are getting rid of their ‘old’ smartphones in part because of this..

Faster than half of Android users do not upgrade their phones. A survey of iPhone owners found only 29 percent of them were satisfied with their device’s performance in this area. ‘Future Use’ is the survey’s category, and Android users are holding on to their handsets. It’s possible, though, for owners to decide that it’s not worth trading in or selling obsolete equipment. Statistics on devices that are merely left behind or thrown away are not provided by CIRP. The report was based on a survey of 2,000 American smartphone owners.

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