When son and grandson got confused in Joe Biden’s name, Trump’s campaign took such a pinch

Washington: Today is almost everyone’s day in America. It is tense because it is described here as one of the most important days in political history. However, it is a particularly difficult day for two candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Things get confused many times during such stressful times, something similar happened in Biden’s case.

During one of his public events, Biden said something that gave the public and especially the opposition leaders a great chance to laugh. In fact, he got confused between the names of his son and his granddaughter. The incident took place in Philadelphia.

Here’s how messed up

Joe Biden often mentions his son Beau Biden in his campaigns. She remembers many incidents involving her beloved son, her son died in 2015. She also mentioned her son on election day and then introduced him to her niece (Beau’s daughter) and talked to her. Joe Biden mistakenly pointed to his granddaughter, saying, “My son Ox who you helped get elected to the Delaware Senate.”

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However, she quickly corrected her words and repeated: “This is my niece Natalie.” Many people have understood the sensitivity behind this confusion and confusion, but Trump’s campaign put a video of it on Twitter.

WATCH: Joe Biden confuses his nieces pic.twitter.com/NzsHPqKw2c

– Trump War Room – Text TRUMP 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) November 3, 2020

This isn’t the first time Trump and his campaign have made fun of Biden’s speeches. Trump often makes fun of Biden’s speech and calls him “very bad”.

Please say Beau Biden 2007
was Delaware Attorney General and served in Iraq. Joe Biden began his day with a visit to the kingdom where Bue was buried with Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter. Biden’s wife and daughter died in 1972.

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