WHO warns about coronavirus, this threat remains after recovery from infection

In fear of the coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns.

Geneva: Coronavirus World Health Organization (WHO) horror

Warns that coronas may recur in cured patients. WHO said on Saturday that no evidence has been found so far and can be said to be recovering from COVID on this basis-19 patients are not at risk of re-infection.

Please tell me that until now people who defeated Corona were believed to be able to develop antibiotics that would prevent them from getting infected again.

WHO has also warned patients who have recovered from corona to issue an “immune passport” and a “risk-free certificate.” Those who receive an “immune passport” and a “risk-free certificate” can ignore standard precautions, so doing so continues to threaten the spread of the virus, says the health agency.

WHO provided this answer, with the advice of several countries to issue “immunity passports” and “risk-free certificates”. Last week, Chile said it would start giving healthy passports to people recovering from corona. So that he can get back to work. However, other countries, including Chile, may review the decision with WHO warnings


Earlier Friday, the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 aims to speed up vaccine development and deliver essential ingredients. Part of major country and private sector campaigns

From corona to the present, 198 and 532 people have died, and the number of infected people is 855,

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