Why Coronavirus Saves Young Children, Know What Scientists Say | Therefore, corona infection is not easily reached by children.

Everyone is worried about the coronavirus these days. The coronavirus, which is disrupting the world, is more deadly than before. Now, people of all ages are holding Kovid-19. However, in the meantime, scientists have discovered why infection with this virus occurs mainly in adults, the elderly, and how children become victims of the virus.

Receptor Protein Theory
Children have low levels of receptor proteins that coronavirus affects cells present in the lungs. Thus, children can easily save themselves from victims of this dangerous virus compared to older people and older people.

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This is how the coronavirus attacks A
new study by scientists on receptor proteins has been published in the scientific journal. Scientists and researchers involved in the VUMC’s study explained that when particles containing coronovirus enter the lungs, the protein’spike’ attaches to ACE2 and breaks down protein cells on the surface of some lung cells. In this way, the corona virus spreads inside the human body and gradually this deadly virus takes over the whole body.

SARS-CoV-2 Attaches to Cells In
connection with this study, a scientist at the University of Bristol explained how coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) attaches to cells in the body, allowing the virus to attack cells. After the release of the viral genetic material from the cells, the number of viruses begins to increase. Scientists say,’We have always focused our research on understanding the development of the lungs. Research sought to know how an adult easily became a victim after he was exposed to Kovid-19.

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