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Why not play games on both the Xbox and the PC?

Playing Xbox games has become very simple thanks to Microsoft’s efforts. To play Xbox games, all you need is a controller and… a computer.

The concept of an Xbox couldn’t be much more straightforward. This is a small, targeted game station where you can play your favourite games. PC gamers will then be able to laugh at you straight in the face. What exactly are you doing with a giant RTX 3080 gaming setup if you don’t have one? Microsoft, on the other hand, spends heavily on console gaming, owing to the huge popularity of the Xbox.

Xbox on a personal computer

The fact that you typically have a choice between a fantastic amazing gaming setup for your PC or an Xbox has already been stated. Microsoft seems to be catering to both groups these days. You may now use your PC to play Xbox games. At the very least, it has the potential to. xCloud is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Stadia cloud computing platform. Microsoft is currently improving and expanding the accessibility of gaming on the xCloud platform.

xCloud in conjunction with the Xbox app

To get started, you’ll need three things: a Windows 10 PC (for Xbox gaming, which sounds weird), an Xbox controller (wired or wireless is OK), and an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Then launch the Xbox software on your PC and choose cloud gaming as your option. Grab a copy of your favourite game and relax; the rest will be taken care of.You will not be playing your game from a device, but rather from the servers.

It wouldn’t hurt to give it a go if you’re using a Windows-based computer, as the undersigned has done. The internet is a drawback (or at the very least, it is a disadvantage of cloud gaming). Because cable internet is difficult in my room, WiFi will have to do; nevertheless, for cloud gaming, wired internet is practically a must-have feature. When the picture cooperates for a short period of time, the image quality seen above (which is very grainy) is the most you can hope for. In such case, it’s preferable to stick to Xbox games and avoid playing them on a PC altogether.

Xbox Live Streaming

In addition, streaming through your Xbox is something that has been incorporated into the Xbox app in the past. So you can use your device, in this instance a PC, as a screen for your Xbox from anywhere in the globe, regardless of where you are physically located. The job is then completed by your Xbox, leaving just the noble duty of showing to be completed by your device. The downside is that your Xbox is turned on and using power, and the internet is not always helpful in this situation as it is elsewhere.

Is “wireless gaming” the wave of the future? The new Xbox software for the PC makes things very simple. Something to be on the lookout for.

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