Wifi 6 is coming and you will notice

The new standard Wifi 6 will be a treat for users.

A good WiFi connection is essential for all kinds of Internet communications. As we can expect a new standard for mobile networks with 5G (if the masts are not set on fire), there will also be a new standard for Wifi, Wifi 6.

What is Wifi 6?
Wifi 6 will be the new standard, but what does it really mean and what will you notice? We list the different properties.

3x faster
With Wifi 6, the industry is following the trend of “smart” devices. Because the network is 3 times faster than current Wifi 5, you can connect many more devices to a home or work network. Furthermore, you do not immediately notice this acceleration in a higher download or upload speed, but in the speed with which you share data within your network. By the way, it’s also because other technical improvements have been made.

Better range
Another advantage of Wifi 6 is that you will benefit from better range. So you can continue to play or watch excessively on your mobile in more places and in remote areas, but this printer in a well insulated office space will now be easier to reach. Because the high and low frequencies get louder, you can also expect (much better) Wi-Fi in hard-to-reach places in the home.

No more connections simultaneously
Since a device with Wifi 6 no longer uses all the bandwidth, but only the part of the bandwidth required to send data, many other devices can be connected to the network at the same time. This way you can calmly make your entire home smart without having to worry about the WiFi connection becoming unstable. In addition, the use of WiFi by your roommates is no longer a failing film.

When can we expect Wifi 6?
For the moment, Wifi 6 is already available here and there and the first devices suitable for Wifi 6 are being introduced. Now that the US FCC has authorized free network access, this new standard should become standard by the end of the year. It is believed that manufacturers will also make all of their devices suitable for this network.

This gives you time to check before upgrading if you have uninvited guests on your network.

Herbert Clark

Herbert Clark

Herbert has deep experience in managing a broad range of multimedia and content brands. He's connected with us for nearly 5 decades and appears after our firm's networking business. He's analyzed masters in business advertising. He's quite a rock star and a few of those lively personalities of the firm. In spare time, Herbert enjoys to perform swimming to be physically healthy. He's an authority in various strokes and is a state-level winner.

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