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Windows 11: The Uncomfortable Truth

It’s Time to Face the Hard Truth About Windows 11

Although Windows 11 includes many useful improvements, there is one unfortunate truth to be aware of.

Complete studies on the hardware requirements for upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 are circulating online. The updated operating system will be available on October 5, according to the company. However, with the official launch of the new operating system, it has become a source of contention for many potential early adopters of the new operating system.

The Unpalatable Truth Website for Windows 11 According to The Verge, Microsoft “will not prevent you from installing Windows 11 on a PC that has an older CPU.” Only if you perform a clean install from an ISO disc image will this work. Meanwhile, Bleeping Computer revealed that the requirement for the Trusted Platform Module 2 (TPM2) may be evaded using a workaround. This can be accomplished with the use of the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

This is encouraging news for those of us who wish to make a speedy transition. The bad news is that something has been reported in two different media.In particular, Microsoft claims that such ‘unsupported PCs’ will be unable to get Windows Update. That in turn could mean that both automated drivers and security updates may be ruled out of the running.


Perhaps owners of these unsupported Windows 11 installations will be able to manually download security updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog source as a result of this. Forbes has reached out to Microsoft for comment, but has not received a response as of yet. And that isn’t a good sign for the future.

After several hours of waiting, a Microsoft spokesperson eventually provided the official response: “More information will be available at a later date.” According to Sean Hollister, writing for The Verge, “Microsoft refuses to provide any additional clarity for the time being.” Which shows that the firm is extremely pleased that we believe this to be a legitimate threat.”

“The notion, or rumour, that Microsoft will permit you to install Windows 11 is circulating. It is risky and irresponsible, however, to perform this action in a configuration that is not supported by security patches.” The following is a quote from Ian Thornton-Trump, chief information security officer at threat intelligence specialists Cyjax. “If Windows 11 is unable to be maintained or will not be supported, it may not be licenced or installed,” says the author. “Security and safety should be a top concern, not an optional accessory,” he concludes.

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