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Xbox turns 20 this year, and a special controller has been created to commemorate the occasion.

Because the Xbox is 20 years old, Microsoft created a special controller to commemorate the occasion. And it is something to be proud of!

The Xbox 360 controller will be available for purchase exactly 20 years after the original Xbox was released. Microsoft unveiled the first Xbox on November 15, 2001, marking the company’s 15th anniversary. This was a significant stride forward for the corporation, and it altered the console landscape for the foreseeable future. Microsoft plans to commemorate the milestone with the release of a number of transparent accessories, including the Xbox Series X/S controller, in the coming months.

Controller with a difference

Time flies when you’re having fun. The transparent appearance is a nod to the translucent controllers that were included with the first Xbox, which were designed by Microsoft. The inside components have been painted silver to make them more visible, which is a nice touch from Microsoft. Accent features in the Xbox’s trademark green colour are utilised to distinguish it from other consoles. This includes the rear handles as well. Outside of the aesthetic differences, it functions exactly the same as any other Xbox Wireless controller available for purchase from Microsoft. The controller will feature Bluetooth connectivity for PC and mobile pairing as well as button mapping functionality and a better d-pad than prior Xbox generations.

Microsoft Stereo Headset for Xbox One

The 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller is now available for pre-order through the Microsoft Store, which opened today. This is for the United States; when Europe will follow is unclear. For those who cannot rationalise buying another controller to their collection, Microsoft is also preparing to offer a 20th Anniversary Special Edition Stereo Headset to commemorate the occasion. Although it is not as visually appealing as the controller, the headset is certainly not unattractive.

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