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Xiaomi Will Become the World’s Leading Smartphone Brand in Three Years: Jun Lei

Xiaomi just ascended to the top of the worldwide smartphone rankings in the middle of 2021, and the company’s CEO predicts that they will do so on a regular basis in the near future.

Within the next three years, Xiaomi hopes to establish itself as the undisputed leader in the global smartphone industry. In a recent lecture, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that the company would become the consistent number one smartphone brand in the world over the next three years, which he shared on Twitter. It is owing to a variety of reasons that the business has seen significant growth in recent years. These elements have all worked together to assist the brand improve its image not just in China and India, but also in western markets.

The following is an excerpt from Lei Jun’s speech: “In the minds of Xiaomi fans, the business represents a dream.”
Thank you to everyone who has supported us and believed in us. When we had our launch event on August 10th, I had the guts to state unequivocally: “Within three years, Xiaomi aspires to become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer!”

Xiaomi just defeated Samsung for the first time in history to take over as the world’s leading smartphone brand for a short time period. Several studies, including Counterpoint Research’s, have shown that Xiaomi has managed to surpass Samsung in terms of total number of delivered smartphones in June 2021. The collapse of Huawei from a dominating position, which occurred at a time when the firm seemed set to surpass Samsung on its growth trajectory, is one of the reasons contributing to its ascent. However, as a result of the United States trade embargo and sanctions placed on it, the business has declined to the ruins of what it once was.

The firm’s production chain problems in Vietnam, which was recently struck by a severe outbreak of Covid-19, have resulted in the company failing to collect adequate volume for its device shipments in June 2021, as of late. This was bypassed by Xiaomi, which had a meteoric ascent to the top of the smartphone sales rankings. However, Lei Jun now intends for the business to be a consistent worldwide leader over the next three years, and the company’s recent rebranding from Mi to Xiaomi is anticipated to aid in its expansion into western markets as well.

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