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Yes! This capability is already included in the MacBook Pro models, which is a blessing.

The Apple event will take place tonight. The MacBook Pro models are also on display, and they all include this convenient and well-known feature!

Multiple rumours suggested that Apple would release a new design for the first time in five years, as previously reported. A 14-inch and a 16-inch variant, respectively, will be introduced to the market, according to Bloomberg, which was first to disclose this. The row of function keys on these new Pro versions will have been changed.

The MacBook Pro performs a function

On future MacBook Pro models, it is planned that the function keys will be utilised in their entirety. According to speculations and leaked schematics acquired by MacRumors, they will take the place of the Touch Bar, and each modifier key will have the same width and height as the alphanumeric keys on the rest of the keyboard.

This week’s rumour mill has been going crazy with all kinds of strange stuff. A number of MacBook Pro leaks occurred at the final minute. For instance, consider the possibility of a notch at the top of the display. Even though we aren’t sure whether or not the “notch” rumour will prove to be correct, the layout of the revamped keyboard is something we are pretty convinced about. However, there is something significant.

Tap the Touch Bar to interact with the application.

This feature was introduced by the technology company in 2016. Instead of a Touch Bar, the next MacBook Pro models are rumoured to include a row of full-sized function keys to match the existing row of full-sized function keys. It’s similar to Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which comes standard with the 24-inch iMac computer.

Users were baffled by the Touch Bar, which was introduced in iOS 9. Some users are dissatisfied with the absence of physical controls for tasks such as volume and brightness. Apple has already made a tiny concession in this regard. Specifically, when it reinstated a physical Escape key on the most recent 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, the company received positive feedback. Users had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the virtual Escape key on the Touch Bar of prior versions.

Following several reported blunders in recent years, the restoration of function keys to the MacBook Pro appears to be just one indicator that Apple is putting forth every effort to restore the MacBook Pro to its former glory as a real professional laptop once more. The Apple event will take place tonight at 7:00 p.m. UK time. Then we’ll know for sure what happened!

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