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Your previous smartphone can then no longer access WhatsApp.

If you still have an outdated smartphone, you may not be able to use WhatsApp on it due to technical limitations. This will change in the future.

It’s worth getting a new smartphone on a regular basis. At the end of the day there is no other choice. Smartphone and application manufacturers will eventually stop supporting an earlier model of their product. That’s the way things are. And in this context, there is currently news to share in connection with an outdated smartphone and the WhatsApp messaging service.

According to a message from WhatsApp, a number of changes will come into effect on November 1, 2021 . For example, the app will no longer support smartphones running Android 4.0.4 and earlier versions. Since Android 11 will be introduced in the fall, you really need an old phone to get by for the time being. A lot will change for iOS users too. WhatsApp requires iOS 10 or higher to function properly. Because of this, you can no longer use WhatsApp on an iPhone 4, 4s, or older models.

This is not a mind-blowing revelation. Because who do you see walking around besides your grandmother with an iPhone 4s or an Android smartphone that is older than a year? In this case, an upgrade is already overdue. If you want to keep your chat history correct, make sure you have switched beforehand.

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