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YouTube includes a convenient feature.

YouTube is something that we all watch. And on a variety of other gadgets. YouTube includes a convenient feature that makes our life a little easier.

On your smartphone, you can watch a movie. Unfortunately, you will not be able to duplicate it. Then you sit down at your computer and think to yourself, ‘Gosh, I’m going to watch that movie right now.’ You’re prone to forgetting things. If you do manage to locate it again, you’ll have to browse through it once more to figure out where you were before. YouTube has now corrected the problem.


The mini player will begin to playback as soon as you press the play button. Alternatively, you can click on it to view the video. After watching a video previously, you can access it more quickly with this feature, which is particularly useful when returning home after taking a train. Other than that, unless you clicked the ‘view later’ box, you need go to your history section and download the video from there instead.

This is a really useful utility. YouTube

As a result, YouTube has included a new function that allows you to swiftly transition from your smartphone to your computer while watching a video, according to 9to5Google. On Android or iOS, if you start watching something in the YouTube app but stop before it finishes, a tiny player with that same video will appear in the bottom corner of the screen when you launch YouTube on the web. Although “Continue Watching” is presented underneath the title of each episode, it does not appear next to the channel name as it would normally. Useful!

The functionality appears to be making its way to the general public right now. According to various responses on discussion sites, not everyone is correct. As a result, it may be some time before you can utilise the function.

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