YouTuber PewDiePie signs an exclusive deal

One of the largest YouTubers in the world, PewDiePie, has a deal.

He still made videos on YouTube , but whether he really had a love for the American video site? In recent years, Felix Kjellberg, as PewDiePie is actually called, made no secret of getting a bit done with YouTube. No one had been surprised if the YouTuber eventually made the switch to another platform.

He did that too. At least in part. His videos still appeared on his channel. However, the live streaming moved to a blockchain platform called DLive. YouTube did not like that and the site has started a conversation with the world-famous video maker.

An exclusive deal for PewDiePie emerged from that conversation. The Swedish entrepreneur and video maker will stream exclusively on YouTube in 2020 and beyond. He will also be the face of YouTube to test new things, Kjellberg said in a comment.

This gives YouTube PewDiePie a second chance. In the past, the video maker created exclusive content for YouTube Premium. His programs were halted following charges of anti-Semitism. Also, Disney would no longer cooperate with the YouTuber.

That time is now far behind us. In the meantime, everything is back together between PewDiePie and YouTube, and both are now even collaborating again. All’s well that ends well.

John Riley

John Riley

John has studied B. Tech at Aerospace and started her career as a Research Associate in a renowned research institute. He's quite powerful in distance technical theories and has a solid understanding of the same. He's a jolly character and meanwhile, he enjoys to watch content-oriented films and enjoying the piano. He considers it assists in maintaining his remaining mentally active. In our business, he oversees a science column and relevant posts to exactly the same.

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