Zee News poll: 58.7% of people think they will return to’normal before corona 19′ after vaccination against coronavirus | India news

New Delhi : World’s largest COVID-19 vaccination kicks off on January 16, 2021, with coronavirus vaccination in India.

The day India reported 12,584 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus with the lowest daily growth rate in nearly seven months, Zee News conducted a survey on Twitter and asked viewers if their lives would come back with a’general before Corona 19′ post. Coronavirus vaccine’.

More than 509 votes were made within 12 hours, and 58.7% of Twitteratis believe their lives will return to normal before COVID-19 after the coronavirus vaccination began.

However, 41.3% of people believe that the coronavirus vaccine will not be able to restore their normal state before COVID-19.

If you haven’t voted yet, go to this link- ‘Zee News Survey ‘ and vote.

Meanwhile, the Indian Serum Research Institute (SII) started offering COVID-19 vaccine deployments across India on Tuesday (January 12, 2021).

The pharmaceutical company’s CEO Adar Poonawalla said the’Covishield’ vaccine with a dose of 1.11 crore is currently being released in several regions of the country, and plans to offer 5-6 crore more doses by February.

“Our truck left our SII facility early in the morning and now the vaccine is being distributed across the country,” says Poonawalla, speaking with a select journalist at the SII facility. This is a proud and historic moment as a scientist. , Experts and all other stakeholders made great efforts while making this vaccine within a year. “

Poonawalla said SII provided the center with a coronavirus vaccine at a special price of Rs 200, “This is one of the cheapest vaccines in the world and we are providing GoI at a special price to support. It is to support the Prime Minister’s vision and’aam aadmi’ in our country “

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